What we always think, but we never tell

Finally I can spare my own time to write this. Now here I am, 1 o’clock in the morning writing my thought. Its start when someone I care, suddenly asked me via messenger why I don’t updated my blog. I answered her that because I am so busy for the last couple months. But I do have something to share here, something NEED to share with you guys.

Its started when I got elected to be some kind of events organizer for my youth community in my church. That I know, I have responsibility to manage and organized events for our youth community. At the first week of my service, I got shocked because our speaker can’t make it on scheduled. So I has found his replacement as soon as possible. Finally, thank God, I can get over it. But hey, its not over yet. Another speakers for weeks ahead can’t make it on their scheduled to. I think I am gonna scream my self..

Now I’m almost around half year of my service. There’s two and half year’s ahead for my service. I’ve got so many valuable lessons. Serving our God doesn’t mean that we never meet and have obstacles. There’s so many disappointments, uncertainty and event fear.

But at the other side; I feel God’s kindness, comfort and His guide always whispering me ‘everything’s gonna be okay..’

Some friends in service are so great to work with, But much others are so painful to work with. I learned sometimes its more important to have fewer friend, But they are reliable; than we have more friends but they just around us when they need us.
I learned the first type of my friends its so valuable. And I also learned that our special talents its so valuable to others. So now I try hard to always help my other collages in Christ, whatever I can. What ever I’m good on it.

So we can always help each other for telling God’s good news. So everyone on this earth can know His teachings and of course His love for us.. 🙂

We often in our professional works, in the service in our church, or even in our family; we asked this question: “what’s the point ?”.
I feel that kind of question, is kind of question that eating us alive from inside. Its makes us desperate and stop doing right things.

For me, I just keep going.. No questions asked. That’s make me survive and keep doing the right things. And that’s makes me always look happy to.. :p

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  1. yup benar sekali ko. semakin kita bertanya maka semakin kita tidak dapat menemukan jawabannya.
    aku punya satu ayat yg aku ingat selalu:
    “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men..” (Colossians 3:23)
    cheers ^^

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